Photographers and Martha’s Vineyard, Part II

First I would like to thank Stephen DiRado for making this blog’s inaugural comment and for directing my attention to other photographers who have worked on the Vineyard, particularly Les Krims. Krims has some of the best titles I’ve seen.

Les Krims
Acolyte Hillary Clinton Supporter Wearing a Minnie Mouse Shirt Looks On in Disgust as a New World’s Record Is Set in a Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest by a Young Republican Boy—a Hazy Day, the Allen Farm, Chilmark, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, July 1994, Les Krims

Les Krims
Cigar-Smoking Shark Tournament Contestant with His Head in the Mouth of His Catch Some Years Before the Imposition of Politically Correct Anti-Smoking Laws, at the Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament, Martha’s Vineyard, The People’s Republic of Massachusetts, Summer, 1994, Les Krims

Les Krims
Affluent Children Dressed by their Parents in Absurd Outfits, Already Displaying Scatterbrain Sexuality, Disdain, and Lust, 4th of July, Edgartown, Massachusetts, 1989, Les Krims

Also, as I was looking around at other photographers, I remembered Alfred Eisenstaedt, Life photographer and long-time summer resident. Eisenstaedt probably falls into the (here for examples). The reason I bring him up is for yet another photograph of that oak tree in West Tisbury.

Giant Oak Tree, Alfred Eisenstaedt
Giant Oak Tree, North Tisbury 1969, Alfred Eisenstaedt

2 thoughts on “Photographers and Martha’s Vineyard, Part II

  1. Dear Stephen
    Although I truly love photographs of the Vineyard (I am the dream the dream and wish wish wish I lived on the Vineyard kind of person), I
    want to thank you for your comments and my new perspective.
    With regards

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