Rinko Kawauchi

Kawauchi: Untitled, 2007
Untitled, 2007, Rinko Kawauchi

I’m looking forward to a presentation Rinko Kawauchi will be giving as part of PhotoAlliance’s lecture series on Friday (10.05.07). Since producing three photo books simultaneously in 2001 (Utatane, Hanabi and Hanako) and winning the prestigious Ihei Kimura Photography Award Kawauchi has been considered one of the great young photographers in Japan.

Info and work | More Work | Interview

If you are in NYC in the next few weeks, you can see her work in person at Cohan and Leslie, 1o.11.07-11.10.07

Also check out Ferdinand Brueggemann’s excellent post on Kawauchi (and Japanese photography in general here)

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