Hello 2008

Between the holidays and getting ready for my midwinter review today I haven’t had a whole lot of time to see stuff or to write about the things I have seen. I did go to the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, an amazing building by Tadao Ando, and to the SF Camerawork opening for the Katsushige Nakahashi show I wrote about in my last post. The completed submarine is quite cool, floating suspended in the gallery, if you are in San Francisco I’d recommend checking it out.

As for my own work, the project that I have been working on most recently is a large map of Martha’s Vineyard, where I grew up, that is made up with a combination of burn marks and my handwriting. Below is an image of the piece with me standing to one side to indicate scale (roughly eight feet high by twelve feet wide).

Michael Silva: Martha's Vineyard

2 thoughts on “Hello 2008

  1. Dear Michael,

    My good fortune–serendipitously stumbled upon your blog this morning (while sitting in Chilmark)–this page with your map, and thought you might enjoy the just-published “boundary-breaking” novel by Reif Larsen, The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet, narrated by a 12 yr. old genius cartographer. The book is filled with maps and drawings of all sorts. Utterly captivating, original and profound. http://www.tsspivet.com/

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