It seems that the human mind is always looking for connections and patterns. While reading Nicholson Baker’s The Mezzanine, a book that was recommended based on some photos that I took this summer, I came across the name Abelardo which made me think of Abelardo Morell. Morell teaches at the Mass. College of Art and earlier in The Mezzanine I recall wondering if the author lived in MA based on references to CVS and Papa Gino’s (a Web search suggests that he lives in Maine). Could the two know each other? Shortly after that I turned the book (Vintage Contemporaries edition) over to see that the author’s photo was taken by Abe Morell. What makes this even more interesting (to me at least) is that other people looking at the photos I took this summer often brought up Abe Morell for his photos of books (not necessarily in style, but in terms of subject matter) and Baker was suggested for his a style of writing that is all about making connections and observations of minutia.

Other Baker/Morell intersections:
Baker wrote the preface for Morell’s Book of Books
Morell image on the cover of The Size of Thoughts (paperback)

The Size of Thougts

Apparently they used to be neighbors.

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